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Published on 27th June 2024

You can be your own advocate


Advocating for yourself is all about empowerment and self-advocacy.

From negotiating salaries to setting boundaries, individuals are taking charge of their own professional development. It’s inspiring to see people confidently speaking up for what they deserve.

What are your thoughts on this trend?

How have you found success in advocating for yourself?

Two years ago, I embarked on a journey with the Womens Utility Network as an Industry advocate. At that time, I had an ongoing battle with Impostor Syndrome, which is defined as a psychological experience of intellectual and professional fraudulence. Also known as impostor phenomenon or impostorism.

It is ‘the subjective experience of perceived self-doubt in one’s abilities and accomplishments compared with others, despite evidence to suggest the contrary.’

It can affect anyone, whatever your background, and goes by many disguises. Battling to overcome this takes time and challenge, but you can overcome it!

Through writing my first WUN blog, working with my WUN mentor, and recording my initial podcast, I found my voice.

Self-advocacy was key in overcoming my Imposter Syndrome, emphasizing the importance of challenging biases, active listening, and nurturing self-confidence.

Celebrating achievements is vital. This summer has been particularly transformative for me, also by having some time away in Barcelona this allowed me re-focus on my own next steps. Embracing self-advocacy, I am now an #Iamremarkable facilitator, inspiring confidence in others. I am also a proud WUN mentor. I’m excited for my first upcoming WUN #IAR workshop in August and in September, a great WUN panel event is taking place focusing on self-advocacy and career development. WUN also offers free access to mentoring. By joining the WUN network you can look to gain help in finding your voice and take that next step in your career development.

There is space for us all to thrive.

Here’s to my own future in the renewables Utilities industry! We have all got this.