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WUN was started to give women the skills and confidence they need to build lasting, fulfilling careers in the utility sector. Founded by a group of women who have themselves built successful careers in both energy and water, WUN seeks to help other women to build the right networks, get the right training and take control of their own work lives at whichever stage of their career they are at.

WUN is free to join and open to any woman working in the utilities space – from customer services, operational, metering and everything in between. The purpose is to create a network of support to help women develop their skills and career within the sector.

WUN is the go to network for Women in Utilities and the monthly events connect women on a variety of topics from personal development to how we are going to get to Net Zero. WUN also offers a mentoring for those looking to build their careers and learn from other women who are building or who have already built successful careers in the sector.

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Connie Muir • Senior Margin Analyst at EDF Energy

Hear from some of our partners as to why they support WUN.

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Partners of WUN enable us to continue to support women to stay and thrive in utilities through providing a strong network of support, inspiring and engaging events, as well as through our WUN Mentoring programme. The Network focuses on providing practical support and shared inspiration to its members.

Benefits as a WUN Partner:

  • Supporting over 7,000+ members from across the Utility sector
  • Acknowledgement of your support on WUN website & WUN events
  • Use of WUN brand & logo internally and on CSR reporting
  • Quarterly Newsletter of WUN event attendance (subject to registration /email on website and events)
  • Promotion of job vacancies to our network of 6,700+, the majority of which are women, and opportunity to be our ‘featured’ job
  • Brand promotion at every WUN event (currently monthly)
  • Speaker opportunities at WUN events
  • Podcast opportunities – get involved in WUN podcast or we can help you record one of your own
  • WUN speaker at a partner event