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Published on 22nd September 2022

What is the next step for the UK Energy Market?


Over the last week the UK was expecting that welcome news that the UK Government will intervene in the Energy Crisis. During that session of parliament for our Prime Minister’s first week in the role , the news broke of Her Majesty the Queen’s condition and that finally on Thursday 8th September our beloved Queen of 70 years passed away quietly with her family around her at Balmoral castle.

I would personally like start my latest WUN blog to make a tribute in this blog to Her Majesty’s long Service, Thank you for everything Ma’am.

 With the UK a period of mourning now concluded for our Queen, Parliament business now resumes on this discussion.

 The market will start to respond to any news as further details come out as we head into October.

 Many Businesses have been affected by having to re-think how much Energy they take from the grid as we head into Winter 2022 and at what time they can achieve the best value price, being an Energy trader and buyer in this market is certainty a challenge!

The ongoing challenge to heat homes and hot water for the most vulnerable are being detailed more and more in the media, to choose over heat or food should not be a choice anyone in our society should face.

The UK market Power Price is currently 12 times higher than last year, it is clear that help to support Business and customers is needed, however there are so many more details needed to be confirmed to make the UK grid deliver affordable prices for all UK consumers and Businesses, with new updates expected as normal service resumes after a historic few days of change for our country.

 I have detailed some of those I can think of below it would be good to hear from the WUN Network as details come out what you think of the changes being suggested, will they work?

What is next for the Energy Industry?

What are the mechanisms that the market needs to support those facing down fuel Poverty? 

How the UK can achieve fair and affordable prices for everyone?

 The next WUN event on the 29th Sept 2022 in London will focus on the discussion of fuel poverty, you can register for your free ticket here: https://thewun.co.uk/events/fuel-poverty/