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Published on 13th December 2023

The ongoing road to Net-Zero – 2024 a year of change?


As we move into 2024, I am reflecting in my latest blog for WUN on the journey that the UK is currently on to achieve Net Zero. It has been long understood that the challenges the UK and the world faces are real. COP28 has continued to bring this more to the forefront of UK media as 2023 ends. The coming together of major nations highlights once again the importance of the roles we all must play on delivering clean, affordable, and widespread solutions to deliver improvement in targets in Climate Change and Carbon Emissions.

In my day job at EDF Energy I am proud to be part of the EDF Business Solutions PPA team who work directly with Developers who are building new renewable assets, providing route to market PPAs and working with Corporates looking to implement real changes on how they source their energy needs via implementation of new renewable assets on their sites, also via Corporate PPAs. Renewable Power is really catching the Wind.

And it is not just business embracing the need to change. Every month this year around 17,000 houses added solar panels right across the UK. The BBC reports that 8% of homes on the Isle of Angelsey in north Wales are now powered by solar, in Aberdeenshire 6% of homes have Solar Panels installed .
The world is following suit. China has installed more solar this year than the US has in the past three decades!

Changing your family car to Electric is becoming more common, with 18% of worldwide new car sales now attributed to EV. With 2023 ending with COP28 and the clear changing habits that we are seeing 2024 surely bring will bring optimism. With all the new Renewable generation promised in the latest CFD allocations, the Energy Power market is changing, intermittent generation, implementation of Flexible assets such as Battery Storage and the introduction of new fuels such as Hydrogen making the need for a truly Smart UK Grid an increasing reality for 2024 and beyond.

How will the Energy price evolve with these changes? is 2024 going to be a pivotal year of change?
The future of the Net Zero road is now!
With so much drive from all of us who work in this industry the future is PV Bright!

I would like to end my last Blog of 2023 wishing all the WUN Network a very happy and restful Christmas.

Karen Hosking, WUN Advocate, PPA & Wholesale Originator, EDF Energy.