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Published on 4th August 2023

On goes the Renewable revolution into Winter 2024 & beyond.


The Renewable Energy industry is experiencing ground-breaking changes and growth, as scientists and engineers continue to innovate and create more cost-effective and efficient solutions.

One of the latest trends that I’ve been observing in the space is the increased use of Solar Energy for residential and commercial applications, as well as the installation of Wind Turbines in new locations. It’s fascinating to think about the potential these technologies could have to revolutionise energy production and consumption.

As the Renewable Energy sector continues to grow and evolve to support the UK’s net zero targets, we are seeing more media coverage on initiatives such as Carbon Capture and the ongoing need to utilise new technologies such as Hydrogen on the National Grid.
Financial Investments in Renewables also continue to grow and Corporate Businesses desire for CPPAS that align to support new projects in or outside the Contracts for difference scheme is bigger than ever before.

The future of renewable energy is bright!
With Renewable Energy becoming more cost-efficient and attainable, enabling us all to reduce carbon pollution through Energy generation and make strides towards a more sustainable future.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you feel the Renewable revolution is going!

Karen Hosking, WUN Advocate & EDF, Originator PPA.