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Published on 21st January 2019

Joanne Smalley – Our expert speaker

Joanne is an experienced energy industry professional, specialising in marketing, communications and branding. Over the past 15 years she’s worked in a variety of marketing, communications and stakeholder management roles for three of the big six, headed up the comms functions at ELEXON, and led the energy practise at a boutique PR agency.  

Nearly three years ago Joanne realised that her skills made her most valuable to businesses that were looking to enter or grow at pace in the rapidly changing UK energy space, and set up her own communications practice to deliver short and effective projects that really delivered business growth.  

A big motivation for setting up her own business was to meet her desire for flexibility and freedom in how she worked – as Joanne is committed to the concept of ‘working wherever’.  Creativity rarely strikes in the 9-5 and her ambition to have the freedom to flex the work that she loves around her life and travel means that she spent last winter in the Alps, and has recently relocated to Mallorca, all whilst delivering for clients across Europe.  

Recently, Joanne has focused her brand development skills on the individual, recognising that it is her personal brand that has helped her succeed and allowed her to #workwherever.  She’s been exploring the concept for a while, and has set up Profectus Consulting to help others develop their brand, and realise their dreams – her motto is ‘step off the ledge’.

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