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Published on 4th July 2024

“I love any opportunity to discuss the benefits of mentoring”


Whilst I was looking forward to the Future of Utilities event overall, I was especially keen to take part in the mentoring brunch. As Mentoring Advocate for WUN I love any opportunity to discuss the benefits of mentoring so the idea of chatting with multiple mentors and mentees, and to do so at the same time as eating waffles… I was in! On the day there was such a buzz in the room, with so many people there who were either already in the WUN mentoring programme, or just keen to hear more.

Here are some things I took from the hour:

  • Conversation was flowing! Discussions covered WUN, mentoring, life experiences, work, shared connections… the event really opened good conversations.
  • Some mentors/mentees were meeting for the first time in person. It was lovely to see the bond they had clearly created through their sessions.
  • There were people that had turned up not knowing anyone else. A daunting experience, but I saw them slipping easily into conversations.
  • No one was left standing alone. People drifted between groups as they networked but quickly joined new chats.
  • It wasn’t just women! There were a few men in the conversation, wanting to understand more about the mentoring programme and how they could support.
  • I spoke to a few women who “weren’t sure they had the experience” to mentor. However, they all had amazing experience and I hope are all now signing up to the programme!

An incredible session in an hour that flew by far too quickly.

Victoria Lemmon, WUN Advocate & Souths Staffs Water and Cambridge Water.