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Published on 13th February 2019

Goals are important but don’t forget to enjoy the journey…

I was thrilled to get my Success Planner at the last WUN meeting in January and having flicked through the pages I started to reflect on some of the great questions in it.


In loving the planner, I started sharing it with others around me – who equally liked the planner and saw the value in it. They wanted wun too (excuse pun, couldn’t resist!) and I could have given it away many times.  I believe this is a reflection of the impact the planner could have and the kind of benefits WUN gives to its members.


So, going back to completing the planner – I have now started writing down thoughts on what I want to achieve. The planner asks lots of thoughtful questions that are not easy to answer. Not when you really think about them but then when you think you are clear on your goal / vision it is the ‘how to – the what you have to do differently’ – the action you need to take to work towards achieving that goal.


That’s the tough bit – after all a goal without a plan is just a wish – and a plan without action is just a waste of effort.


But in setting about your actions and whilst being focused on your goal and what you are trying to achieve is important so is the journey. Don’t be in too much of a rush and don’t be so focussed on what you are aiming for that you miss out on the beautiful experiences along the way. Make sure you lift you head and take a moment to appreciate what is going on around you – these will be moments of reflective reward – they are like gold dust!


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