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Published on 7th October 2020

Flexible working – your thoughts




Not sure about you, but I am a little bit done with a few words and phrases – ‘Unprecedented’, ‘zoom quiz’ and ‘I’ve forgotten my mask’ to name a few. There’s one that keeps popping up and that is ‘the new normal’ but this is one that I think a lot of people are very happy to see stay.


I have been homebased for nearly 5 years now, but a lot of my time was spent travelling the country to visit customers, attend events and visit my local office. When the pandemic hit, EDF went from having a predominantly office and field based work force to home based within a matter of days. While I have really missed getting out and about to see people (I am a hugger) it’s quite clear from the results of our poll and speaking to Members, that most are finding working from home is ok, but when safe to do so, would welcome a blend of working from home and  office. I know for me, that as a working parent, its definitely a blessing to be able to have some flexibility.


If nothing else, COVID has made many employers see that its ok to be more flexible and many employees work more effectively in ‘the new normal’. A blend of office and home could be just that?


Being able to work in my leggings and slippers is a joy, but I will welcome the time when dry shampoo just won’t cut it and my working week will be a combination of both slipper and heels.


Desire to work from home

4-5 days               16

2-3 days               46

1 day a week      6

Just in office       2


Sharon Sage , WUN Members Advocate Public Sector Manager @EDF