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Founded in Stockport in 1994 and now spanning a nationwide footprint with over 30 offices and depots across the UK, OCU Group is all about delivering those essential energy and utility services that keep UK communities connected, power on, and water flowing.At the heart of OCU Group’s operations is a deep-seated belief in the power of diversity and inclusivity, mirroring the principles championed by the Women’s Utility Network (WUN) since 2018.

From energy to telecoms, water, and transport, we’re the people ensuring communities and businesses stay up and running smoothly. Picture this: over 28 million families and businesses plugged into the UK power grid, 1.5 million meters of trench dug for new fibre networks, and water flowing for millions of people.

We’re not just about keeping the lights on; we’re passionate about steering the UK towards a greener, more sustainable future. Through world-class engineering, we’re committed to ensuring family life and business performance thrive, for today and tomorrow.