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E.ON is leading the energy transition; providing smart, sustainable and personalised solutions for customers at home, in business and across entire towns and cities. As part of the E.ON Group, we are one of the foremost energy companies in the world.

We make sure everything we do is focused on our customers, helping them take action for climate and creating a new energy world that is decentralised and interconnected.

We have been a driving force behind the UK’s renewable revolution for more than 30 years and all of our E.ON Next customers’ homes and businesses get 100% renewables-backed electricity, at no extra cost on fixed tariffs1 as well as great customer service through a team of dedicated Energy Specialists.

E.ON also offers a wide range of efficient and smart technologies to help customers at home and in business reduce their impact on the planet by using less energy and even generating and storing it themselves.

For more information visit eonenergy.com

  1. E.ON Next supplies 100% renewables-backed electricity to homes and businesses signing up to one of our fixed tariffs. Electricity backed by 100% renewable sources, E.ON’s renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. The electricity supplied to your home comes from the National Grid. Fixed term contracts only. Smart meter required, where eligible. Exit fees and T&Cs apply.