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Areas of Expertise

Jenny Barlow

Location: Oxfordshire

Status: At Full Capacity


was a teacher for 7 years and covered all ages from pre-school to A-Level. I then made a career change to work in the energy Sector and worked for a small supplier (LoCO2 Energy, now Solarplicity Energy) who had around 8000 customers when I joined as a Data Management Analyst. Over the next 4 years the company grew and I was promoted multiple times to end up as Operations Director. During this time, I was responsible for expanding the company to enable it to become a domestic Gas supplier, I was responsible for all the systems as well as managing billing and core projects such as smart metering (SMETS 1) and a CRM system upgrade. During this time LoCO2 was bought out so went through a very significant change of ownership and Management. By the time I left the company had over 75,000 supplies on around 50,000 customers. I was directly managing 5 people, 2 of whom had their own teams to manage.

I then decided I would like more experience in a range of companies so moved to work for the people centric Management Consultancy Company (Think Inspire and Create) in May 2018. My role is systems focused but is adapting and changing based on the needs of our customers. I am experienced in Electricity, Gas and Water from both a technical and customer focused angle.

Why I Became a Mentor

My knowledge of the technical side of Gas and Electricity and how the industry is interconnected. Also, are areas such as Process management and System management. I have worked with a range of managers and so have experience of how to manage up as well as down (to varying degrees of success!). I am also a strong communicator so can support in this area.

I think I would be suited to working with someone new to the industry and looking to develop into a management position.

Areas of Expertise