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We know navigating your career as a women throws up some challenges. All our coaches are women with corporate and/or utility backgrounds, offering lived experience, coaching expertise, and a supportive approach to addressing key themes.

We’ve put together three coaching programmes we know will make a difference for you or the women in your organisation:

The Balanced Leader:
6 month coaching programme with monthly coaching sessions and support for female leaders to amplify their leadership impact, deal with workplace challenges, create the right balance and progress their career and development.

If your feeling stuck, new to leadership, like you’re not progressing or you’ve got some challenges you want to deal with, this coaching will give you the support you need.

Return Strong:
4 flexible coaching sessions over 12 months, including during maternity or parental leave to support women go back to work confidently.

Heading into maternity or parental leave brings big change. Having support to help you work through emotions, set up new routines and return to work and your career confidently can really make a difference.

Career Reboot:
A focussed 3 month coaching programme to get your career back on track or go for that promotion and be crystal clear about developing a career that fits who you are, your strengths and what’s important to you.

Not feeling it career wise anymore and want to get super focussed on what you really want from your career and go get it? This coaching programme will help you do just that.

Working with a coach is a personal experience and we work with women both privately funded or through their organisation. As part of the WUN community, we offer WUN Members and Partners special rates to support our mission to help women rise in the utilities industry.

To find out more and book an initial chat for yourself or to talk about support for the women in your organisation, check out our website Inner Talent