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Lillian Philip

Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, EDF.

Lillian Philip

Industry Advocate

Lillian is a senior manager of Business intelligence in the data team for Sales and Marketing at EDF.

She built her career in the energy industry since university and is passionate about supporting others build lasting and importantly, fulfilling careers.

Lillian came across the Womens Utility Network just as she returned to work after having her first daughter right before the first COVID breakout. For Lillian, with the changing landscape of work thanks to Covid procedures, it’s now more important than ever to encourage women at all stages of their career to speak out about their aspirations and find encouragement and support from female and males alike. It’s this ethos of WUN for ALL that makes this such an exciting space especially in the evolving utilities sector. The Utilities sector is vast and has so much to offer, it’s important to share what we do.

“I’m delighted to be an advocate at WUN, helping others to have a platform to talk about relevant and aspirational topics, something that women can really connect with. I’m excited to be part of that launchpad for all; both women to support women, but also men to have confidence in advocating and role modelling for the next generation.”