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Heidi Knapton

Head of Customer Operations at South Staffs and Cambridge Water,

Heidi Knapton

Members Advocate

Heidi Knapton has been in the Water Industry for ten years, working across multiple departments including Metering Strategy, Supply Operations and Customer Care. Heidi enjoys leading teams through transformational journeys, challenging the status quo and driving impactful change to customer experience. Currently Head of Customer Operations at South Staffs and Cambridge Water, Heidi is enjoying leading teams to deliver exceptional customer service across the Planning, Dispatch and Control Room Teams.

Heidi said “I was thrilled to discover WUN, it feels amazing to be part of a team with so many like-minded women. The support I’ve received from WUN has already been fantastic – the events they hold and the community they have created fuels my ambition to drive positive change in the utilities sector. When I look back over my career so far and reflect on my earlier roles, I realise just how much WUN could have supported in building my network and confidence in those early days. If I can provide that support to other women in similar circumstances, I will be over the moon. For me WUN is a safe space to be myself, to challenge other women to ‘level up’ and lead authentically – as themselves. Working together to break down barriers and pave a new way forward in the industry is exciting – bring it on!”