She believed she could, so she did

“I’m amazing me”.  I’m known for saying this in the office to all my team.  I’m sure some people may think I’m a bit big headed and love to blow my own trumpet, but in truth it’s me reassuring myself that I’m doing a good job because if I don’t have confidence in myself why

Next WUN Event – Save the date

A major theme that came out of the feedback from our first event was confidence. We are all very aware that in order to succeed in our careers we need to believe in ourselves, but the question is how you develop that confidence? At our next event we will introduce you to one of our

WUN Update

Thank you so much to everyone that attended our first event last month. It was great to get such a positive response about the new network and we have been given so many ideas on how we can support you to move forward in your career.  The time we spent at the event asking you

Faking it until you make it……or just making it?

By Joanne Smalley Reading magazines and content online it seems that we women are constantly scared that we’re going to be found out – that we don’t really know what we’re doing.  We might be super high-flying executives, but deep down we all have a belief that we’re ‘faking it’ and that it will all

Emotional resilience or Emotional brilliance?!

By Angie Needle Just thought I’d share my experiences in relation to emotional resilience. It’s a tricky and quite controversial subject, because there is a general expectation that everyone must and should hide their emotions when they are in the workplace.  Now, I do admit that I think men are better at this than women,