Watch out for trespassers

By Jo Robertson A little while ago I was asked to speak on the panel at an event on work life balance.   I was pretty nervous, but the two glasses of wine helped, and I ended up taking such a lot away from the event. It was so interesting to listen to other’s journeys

Are you in control of your life/work balance?

Last night we had just our third Women’s Utilities Network event which was definitely a success.     The evening kicked off with good food, drinks and the hum of conversation as women from across the utility industry, mingled “It’s great to be in a supportive environment with like minded women discussing our careers and futures” 

Women’s Utilities Network

Women’s Utilities Network (WUN) is a recently created group focused on helping to support and encourage women within the retail utilities space. Its purpose is to create a network of support to help women develop their skills and career opportunities within the sector. WUN is open to any woman working in the retail utilities space

What are you passionate about?

By Jo Robertson A perfectly acceptable question for a new colleague to ask after a few bottles of wine on a night out. A great, getting to know you better, question. One for which there are multiple socially acceptable answers that I could have given, my kids, walking, sewing, I mean I have hobbies. But

My Positive Life

By Jo Gilbert I feel completely privileged and blessed to have been asked to write this blog for the WUN about staying and being positive! Why? Well, for one thing it shows that I’m being recognised for having a positive energy and outlook in my day to day life. Over the past few years I

Are you having a midlife crisis?

By Jo Robertson I am not kidding, one of my boys genuinely asked me this about two years ago. So, what prompted it? Well, about 4 years ago I was flicking through some old photos and came across one where I thought “hmm, you looked alright back then, wish I could go back to looking

Where are all the women – Part two!

By Angela Peart If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that we were at the flagship event ‘Future of Utilities’ last week. The event itself is a great networking tool – and with some very senior speakers, I did some great learning too. However, what was startling was the sheer lack of diversity at the

Imperfectly Perfect

By Jo Robertson I am officially a strong independent woman, I’m stubborn, determined and a little bit feisty. I’ve worked hard to get the career I want and never shied away from a challenge, no matter how scary. So why, oh why, whilst in London for work, a place with the most amazing eateries on

Are you attracting the right tribe?

By Emma Ellis I love the saying ‘your vibe attracts your tribe.’ I believe it’s an accurate statement for life in general but also something to really think about when building a career.   If you spend a lot of time with constantly negative unhappy people, it’s going to bring you down.  I’m sure we have