Self Development

I can be quite an avid reader. I tend to go through spells of reading lots and listening to audio books but then get overwhelmed with the volume of ‘stuff’ in my head and stop for a while. It’s a keenness to learn and be better. Having checked out my, fairly extensive bookshelf, there are,

Im just so busy

Text message from friend “Hey Jo, how are You?” Sleepy and stressed Jo “All good this end, just busy as ever” This is my standard response. The movie “I don’t know how she does it” is just a retelling of my life. Doting parent, challenging career, house to keep. Sometimes I don’t know how I

Busy – bizi?

I have always disliked the word busy.  In  a previous role I would challenge myself and my team if they used the word.  Busy for me implies you are not in control and it has become a word associated with those who are important. It implies some sort of status; I have lots to do,

Careers – Do they happen by accident or design?

There are very few people I know in successful careers, who when asked how they got there, say it was all part of a grand plan.   However, when starting out, and in the early stages of career development, a question that is often asked is ‘where do you want to be in 10 years’

Doing the best job – “I’m all in…”

“Get lucky and say yes” at the last WUN event I heard this I just hadn’t realised I’d already played it out.   18 months – that’s how long I’ve been back at work; running a full-time job and being a full-time mum. I’m happy!   In 2007 I decided it was time to start

To Wear or Despair?

I am going to talk about what we wear at work and is it important? But before I begin, I just wanted to let you know that I have absolutely zero qualifications in this kind of stuff. I am not in the fashion industry and I have no credentials whatsoever in the ‘style’ department. So,

Networking Networking Networking

Since setting up WUN, a common theme from our membership has been ‘how can I be a better networker’, and on Thursday 2nd May we went all guns blazing and based a whole event around that topic, hosted by our legal friends at CMS London in their stunning venue at Cannon Street.  We aim to

Emotional Resilience or Emotional Brilliance – Part 2

Written by Emma Lovell: The Response I came across Angie Needle’s blog recently: Emotional Resilience or Emotional Brilliance and it was exactly what I needed to read. So much so, that I contacted Angie to thank her for writing such transparent and truthful words. Writing blogs or content about the industry can be easy when

Getting more women into Utilities – why should we care so much?

This week, WUN was a media partner of Marketforce’s Future of Utilities Summit held in London – a two day conference that explores the challenges of the UK energy and water markets.  With over 400 delegates, and a room full of sponsors, all keen to showcase their latest technology and solutions, it is always a