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Sam Proctor

Business Analyst - Pandorica Limited

Sam Proctor

Industry Advocate

Sam, Business Analyst @Pandorica Limited says it was an extremely easy decision to apply to get involved.

“The driving force for me behind becoming an advocate was that I love working in utilities so much, and particularly within the water industry.”

“I have also been lucky enough to work across the sector and with a lot of inspiring females in senior management positions. I would really like to do all I can to encourage women – both to come into the industry and to also get them to consider staying within it and to develop their careers.”

“There is so much innovation and change going on within the water sector that it is a really exciting place to be right now.” 

Joining WUN’s advocate team has already been a really fulfilling opportunity, she says: “Firstly, to be selected to be an advocate. And, secondly, to meet the WUN founders and my fellow advocates, too.”

“Going forward, the most rewarding thing for me will be extensive engagement with women across the industry and the chance to get some healthy conversation (and debate!) across the various hot topics we are currently seeing within the water sector.”

“In particular, I like us to talk about how we can adapt new technology into alternative and better ways of working.”