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Sabrina Polito

CMS Associate

Sabrina Polito

Industry Advocate

Sabrina Polito is an Associate in the Energy and Climate Change Group at law firm CMS, with clients from right across the utilities sector. She has a particular interest in clean energy, carbon pricing and digitalisation of the power sector. Sabrina has also completed secondments with EDF Renewables and National Grid plc.

For her, there was a range of reasons why she wanted to become a WUN advocate, but if she were to pick the key ones, these would include a whole-hearted support for the issue WUN is striving to address.

“The utilities sector is facing a lot of change, in particular with the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, technology and the changing regulatory landscape. These developments will have such an important role in our society and the economy, as such, it’s important that women are part of that journey. However, when you look at the statistics regarding representation of women in the utilities sector, the numbers are not where they should be.”

Having input on the direction of travel is another key attraction. “It’s exciting to be involved at these early stages and to play a role in shaping how WUN develops going forward.”