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Hayley Bruce

Leakage Hub Tactical Manager - Anglian Water

Hayley Bruce

Industry Advocate

It was often having been “the only woman in the room” in her project manager role with Anglian Water Services, that drove Hayley Bruce to become a WUN advocate.

“Having worked for the water industry for just under five years, this is not uncommon across the utilities sector. Companies are working harder now more than ever to bridge the diversity gap not just for women but for everyone, but more can always be done.”

Hayley joined WUN because she wants to be part of something that is helping to change the industry for the better. “I want to encourage and support women to build and sustain long and successful careers in utilities.”

For her, the most rewarding thing about it all has been getting to know her fellow advocates. “That has been the highlight for me so far.”

“We all have completely different work backgrounds and it has opened my eyes to just how many different roles are available in utilities.”

“It is going to be great to shine a light on some of these roles, to really spread the word about what people can do in the sector.”